The Wholehearted Wife by the Smalleys

Erin Smalley wrote this book with the support of her husband Greg and father-in-law Gary. This family’s ministry in strengthening marriages and families is far-reaching through books, conferences, and radio. I am not usually interested in Focus on the Family resources, but I decided to order this book because of the engaging title. Becoming a more wholehearted wife is something that I see a need for in my life, and I am sure my husband would appreciate being loved more wholeheartedly by me. While the subtitle promises 10 keys to a more loving relationship, the authors tackle the difficult issues without offering simplistic platitudes. Each chapter explores a different aspect of applying Scriptural principles to the marriage relationship with the focus on individual and shared spiritual growth. None of the information was new to me but was a good reminder of areas I tend to neglect at times. Several brief exercises are included for self-reflection, along with personal stories from the authors’ perspectives. Overall, I liked the book’s organization, which breaks down topical sections into lists and bullet points. However, I was distracted by the frequent shifting back and forth among authors (indicated by a name in parentheses) which seemed tedious and confusing to me; it was difficult to follow who was doing the writing. The content is similar to many other popular books on marriage but certainly Biblically-based and well-balanced. I would recommend it to any woman wanting to focus on her own attitude and commitment to her husband.

978-1-62405-146-3Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher through the Tyndale House Blogger Review Program in exchange for an honest appraisal.