God as He Wants You to Know Him by Bill Thrasher

This is the best easy-to-read comprehensive book on theology that I have ever read. Not too many theological books line my shelves because most are over my head and simply do not hold my attention. Maybe the ones I’ve attempted in the past were simply too wordy or detailed, but this readable paperback by the director of spiritual formation and discipleship at Moody Bible Institute is a wonderful addition to my library. The attributes of God are organized into separate sections, such as a gracious, merciful, and good God who is always in control, which are further outlined into distinct chapters focusing on each of those characteristics. The author goes to great lengths to show how these attributes impact our lives, such as God is faithful and true…He alone is absolutely trustworthy. I was astounded at how much supporting Scripture is woven seamlessly into each description, complete with tables, lists, and bullet points to enable the average reader to understand each topic without undue effort. I especially appreciated part one: the most fruitful investment of your life, which explains why it is important to study the character of God and how doing so can directly affect the meaning, purpose, and direction of our lives. Thrasher succeeds in simplifying a potentially overwhelming field of study without losing breadth or depth of insight. I would highly recommend this book for anyone desiring to know God better without getting bogged down in more academically oriented literature.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy 1of this book by the publisher through the Moody Press blogger review program in exchange for an honest appraisal.


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