Setting Your Marriage Free, by Neil Anderson and Charles Mylander

This book caught my attention because I was familiar with Neil Anderson’s other books on freedom in Christ. Marriages are a major area of spiritual warfare as God’s perfect design is continually bombarded in this day and age. Discover and enjoy your freedom in Christ together is the subtitle of this book and builds upon the author’s previous works that emphasize personal deliverance from spiritual bondage. He continues with this theme in explaining that individuals must first know their own identity in Christ before they can glorify God in their marriage. The chapters begin with a thorough explanation of the Biblical foundation for marriage between a man and a woman. Then male and female roles are discussed in the context of what each generally brings to the relationship and how they view the world through different lenses. Further reading delves deeper into potential conflict and struggle, such as love languages, money, and sexual intimacy. “Putting Christ first” and “conforming to His image” were among the most important chapters for anyone hoping to build a stronger marriage that fulfills God’s purposes. While this material is generally not the most appealing for me to read because it raises personal issues, I did benefit from Scriptural reminders in relating to my husband and seeking freedom from darkness in my marriage. I believe the theme of this book is absolutely accurate: the best possible marriage is the outcome of two people surrendered to Christ and joined together to honor Him.

untitledRequired Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher through Bethany House blogger review program in exchange for an honest appraisal. 


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