The Daniel Cure, by Susan Gregory and Richard Bloomer

I had heard about the Daniel Fast based on the Old Testament book of Daniel chapters 1 and 10. Daniel and his friends ate only vegetables and water so as not to defile themselves with the food and wine of King Nebuchadnezzar after Babylon besieged the city of Jerusalem (you can read the whole story here). After a short time, the young men seemed to be in better health than those who ate the royal diet. Later, Daniel fasted for three weeks and had an amazing vision as recorded here. Not surprisingly, several bestselling books have developed around Daniel’s dietary restrictions, and a whole way of healthy eating has been extrapolated from the positive results that he experienced. The modernized fast involves plant-based whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Not allowed are animal and dairy products, processed foods, artificial additives, natural sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, or yeast. This book includes loads of extra information, such as Biblical fasting, a holistic perspective on health, common diseases related to dietary habits, a daily devotional, meal planning and recipes of all kinds, and detailed sections on nutrition science. The authors present a much more sustainable way to extend the strict 21-day fast into a lasting lifestyle change. Unfortunately, I am completely overwhelmed by the whole process and have decided not to follow this dietary route (as I sip my glass of red wine, which I hear is good for the heart). I would recommend The Daniel Cure for anyone already familiar with and planning on implementing this type of fast. It seems like a very comprehensive guide to maintaining this nutritional approach over the long term.

41-quxWgQCL__AA160_Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher through the BookLook blogger review program in exchange for an honest appraisal.


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