Unafraid, by Susie Davis


Trusting God in an Unsafe World is a subject I often wrestle with as a continual cycle of bad news streams in from various sources until I choose to turn my attention to God’s Word. I recognize my need to make a deliberate decision day by day to allow fear or faith to rule my heart. The author shares her own struggle with this same dilemma and her eventual freedom from the debilitating fear that overshadowed her life. In her case, one major traumatic event triggered severe anxiety and the belief that she had to protect herself and her family. She believed in God but not in His ability to keep her safe from harm. Witnessing a neighbor boy shoot her teacher and get away with murder left her hiding in closets and checking under the beds, unable to stay alone at night for years. Her writing focuses on how to live unafraid despite the brokenness of the world with all of its violence and tragedy. Simply stated but not so easily accomplished, we need to surrender our fearfulness to Jesus, who offers us peace in exchange, which may require the hard choice of forgiveness on our part toward our offenders. This is not a theologically-focused work on “trusting God in an unsafe world” and the questions are not answered in this manner. She primarily uses her personal story in discussing how it is possible to develop a deep trust in God that lessens trepidation, leading to freedom from paralyzing fear. The author’s writing style is conversational, as if she is she speaking to a group of women, and I kept noticing the short, incomplete sentences throughout the book. She does write with an authentic desire to encourage others who are tired of being afraid and gently holds out the sure hope of healing in Christ.

Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.


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