Parables, by John MacArthur

_225_350_Book_1757_coverI highly recommend this book for anyone desiring a greater understanding of the stories Jesus told to illustrate his teaching. The introduction provides a detailed explanation on why Jesus chose to use this form of narrative and its relationship to history and doctrine, information that I had never actually considered before. The author was successful in deepening my knowledge of the most important points Jesus was making, for example, in the tale of the Good Samaritan. I have always assumed the primary lesson here is about sacrificially loving others in response to the trick question being asked on defining “neighbor”. The author explains how this story goes far beyond taking care of strangers in need. It was directed toward religious people who were deluded by self-righteousness and did not recognize their dire need of mercy in failing to keep the perfect requirements of God’s law. The variety of parables discussed in this book were told to illuminate basic gospel concepts of justice and grace, sin and redemption, works and faith. The hidden treasure and pearl of great price, and the rich man and Lazarus were other weighty chapters focusing on the immeasurable value of God’s kingdom and the horrific reality of hell. Jesus made it plain that eternal separation from God awaits those who have refused salvation in Christ. Read this book and be encouraged by God’s amazing plan of restoring humanity.

Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by BookLook blogger program in exchange for an honest review.


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